Rune    male, 9 years old

GO TOキャンペーン

Haku    male, 6 years old


Highly recommended for the following people & following purposes

Cat Lovers
Niigata University Affiliates
Private room rental
Friendly community atmosphere

You can play with our cats!

Our cats love people and are really friendly. You can pet and hug Haku, and you can feed “CIAO Churl”. Feel free to take photos, and post them on your SNS.  

Rent the entire floor

◆With your close friends
◆Spend quality family time
◆Kids welcome
◆Maximum of 6 people
◆Throw a party

Only a 6 min walk to Niigata University if you are doing

Entrance examination
◆Preparing for your new life
◆Visiting your friends at Niigata University

Tourism Concierge

I can talk with you in English, even before you arrive and advise you about
◆Local restaurants and places of interest

Cooking together

Cook and Dine together

You can enjoy cooking dinner with the owner and other guests.
All conducted in English
◆Please book for cooking by 8 PM two days before
◆Learn to cook and have fun
◆Even if you have never cooked before, don’t worry.

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Room & Facilities

Brand new facilities opened in 2017
◆Clean and stylish
◆Uniquely designed bed room
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Check in        4 p.m.   –   10 p.m.
Check out       – 10 a.m.
No Curfew     3000 yen key deposit
Light off in Living room   12 a.m.
Free Parking 
Free Wi-Fi
All Non-Smoking


A lot of restaurants around here
Bento shop (4 min walk)
Supermarket (9 min walk)
Convenience store (4 min walk) 
Cook by yourself in our shared kitchen